12V 5A 60W Car Power Adapter With 4-Pin Plug

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Stock code: 001-0040
Model number: TL-060F
Input voltage: DC 12V ~ 30V
Output voltage: DC 12V (+/- 5%)
Output current: 0A ~ 5A (load dominated)
Output power (Max): 60W
Output plug: 4-Pin DIN output plug (Pin1 & Pin2 are positive poles, Pin3 and Pin4 are negative poles)
Warranty period: 1 Year

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( Please note: This adapter is not suitable for “DMTECH” nor “AvTex” branded TVs due to the polarity configuration of the 4-pin output plug, please click this link for this variant)

This is a switch mode DC-to-DC power adapter / voltage stabiliser to be used in cars, motorhomes, and other vehicles. This product takes a 12V ~ 30V DC power source as input and outputs a 12V (+/- 5%)  with upto 5A output current.

Its input cigarette lighter plug has a removable red coloured cap, it allows the plug to fit most of cigarette lighter socket with red cap in place, and to fit Hella DIN socket with the rad cap removed.

This product’s output plug is a 4-Pin DIN plug, Pin1 & Pin2 are positive poles, Pin3 and Pin4 are negative poles. The input cable length is 410mm (+/-20mm), and output cable length is 1200mm (+/-20mm). The dimensions of the adapter body is 111mm x 54mm x 31mm.

As this product stabilises a 12V to 30V DC input voltage to a 12V output voltage, it protects the devices connected to it from damages due to unstable DC power source from vehicle’s engine and battery. Its output current (max 5A) is dominated by the connected device, in other words, the output current is drained by the connected device rather than forced by this product. As long as your device requires a 12V power supply with a 4-Pin power input plug (pin polarity configuration is as described above) and its current consumption is not greater than 5A, this product will work for your device.

This AC adapter is suitable for the following TVs and other devices (this is not an exhaustive list, please email sales@hunterfield.co.uk for any questions):

Acoustic Solutions TVs: LCD1507, LCD1515F, LCD15DVD783F (4 pin), LCDWDVD19FB

Alba TVs: ALCD15TV4, ALCD15TV5.

Bush TVs: LCD17TV002, IDLCD15W002X, IDLCD17TV002X, IDLCD17TV0022X, LCDS20TV002, LED19916DVDHD.

Crown TVs: CCT170W.

Digital Video Recorders: JPEG2000,

Dua TVs: DLCD1501, DLCD2001.

Finlux TVs: 19H6030-D, 20FLD745.

Goodmans TVs: LD2002, LD1503, LD1510.

Hikvision DVRs: DS-6716HQHI DVR, DS-7204HUHI-F1/N, DS-7204HUHI-K1, DS-7204HVI-SV, DS-7204GJHGHI-SH-OEM, DS-7216HVI-ST, DS-7216HWI-SH.

Hitachi TVs: 15LD2200, 15LD2400, 15LD3200, 17LD4220 (4 pin type only), 20LD2400, 20LD2500, 20LD3200.

Humax TVs: LGB-17DTTV

IcyBox Enclosure: IB-3640SU3

JVC TVs: LT15B60SJ, LT17C50BJ, LT17C88SJ, LT17D50BK, LT20E50SJ, LT20B60, LT20DA7.

Logik TVs: LCXW17N1.

Luxor TVs: 1515, 1515D, 15720, LUX-1515D, LUX-19-914-COB, V16LCDDVDHD, and other 12V version models.

Matsui TVs: MAT15L1618D.

Mikomi TVs: 15LCD250, LCD1701W, LCDW19HD, LCD2008.

Onn TVs: OLCD1502.

Proline TVs: LD1702W.

Sanyo TVs: CE20WLC25, CE20WLC25B00. (Not suitable for other Sanyo models).

Techwood TVs: TWD17LW1, 16822, 16911, 16822DVDHD, 16911HD, LCD15720, TK1501LCD, TK1507 LCD, TWD17LW1.

Toshiba TVs: 17WL46B, 17WLT46B, 17WL56B, 17WLT56B, 20WLT56B (12V version), 20WL56B (12V version), 23WLT46B2 (12V version), 19W330DB.

Waltham TVs: TV1500V.

Wharfedale TVs: LCD1710A, LCD1710AF, LCD2010A, LCD2010AF.

If your device has specified a max power consumption rather than max current consumtion, the maximum cunnrent can be calculated as the result of max power consumption dividing by 12, that is Current (A) = Power(W)/Voltage(V).

We also have this product with other types of output plugs, please click this link for the details.


Please email sales@hunterfield.co.uk for any questions.



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